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Strategic Goal: We are committed to partnering with others in the community to ensure that those who need access to healthy food options have them – and can afford them no matter their budget.

Programs: We have coordinated the gleaning of food at the St Johns Farmer’s Market for the last three years. At the end of each Saturday market, volunteers approach vendors and collect produce, bread, and other foods the farmers don’t want to take back with them. The volunteers distribute the food to the community, either to the homeless, to low-income apartment complexes and transitional housing facilities, or for use in community events like block parties. In 2014 AllOne also took over gleaning the Village Gardens Farmer’s Market in New Columbia.

Partners: In addition to the St Johns and Village Gardens Farmer’s Markets, we work with The Backpack Project, the Good Samaritan Food Bank, Golden Harvesters, Hereford House, and numerous church food pantries to coordinate food distribution services.



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Strategic Goal: We are committed to working with other organizations across sectors to coordinate pathways to long-term stable housing for all, and to direct service provision where it makes sense.

Programs: We operate the Community of Hope, a transitional housing facility serving single mothers and their children. This program includes housing, along with care management and classes on relationship help, financial planning, spiritual encouragement, and other support elements. The residents live in community and are surrounded by a constellation of volunteers providing affirmation, friendship, and encouragement. We have currently assisted 23 families with this program, and are continuing to grow.

Additionally, in 2013-14 and 2014-15 AllOne coordinated an emergency Warming Shelter when the temperature approaches freezing. Volunteers from many churches and the broader community have stepped forward to spend overnight shifts with our friends who live outside, also supplying clothing (coats, hats, and gloves), blankets and floor mats, and hot coffee, tea, and oatmeal for breakfast.

Partners: Primary partners for the Community of Hope have been a number of churches, including Holy Cross, Red Sea, and Grace Christian Fellowship. St Johns Main Street, St Johns Neighborhood Association, and the Soroptimists have helped considerably, as have local businesses like Vigor Industrial and Copy Pilot. We are working with Neighborhood House, Emmanuel Community Services, and other local agencies for more effective coordination.



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Strategic Goal: We are committed to helping people find healthy ways to love their lives. This encompasses not only health care but also nutrition, exercise, environmental factors, and more.

Programs: We have for several years now facilitated a free one-day health clinic called Compassion North Portland with the goal of providing basic medical, dental, and optical services. Well over 1,200 people have received services in one of those three areas and also had opportunities to visit social service providers, a clothes closet, and to get both breakfast and lunch. Free child care is also included and local bands have provided entertainment.

Out of Compassion North Portland, AllOne has formed a Health Council that is working closely with the University of Portland to create a community-led health assessment. The plan is to invite representatives form the various sub-populations in the community to an information session and ask them to survey the people in their own circles. After collecting the surveys, along with additional input from the survey-takers, the data will be presented in public meetings and the community can determine the best ways to address the findings.

Partners: For Compassion North Portland, we have enjoyed partnerships with Compassion Connect and with Roosevelt High School along with the Charles Jordan Community Center and the Boys and Girls Club, both in the North Portland, New Columbia Neighborhood. Many local businesses (Copy Pilot, the Tire Factory, Green Zebra, Fred Meyer, and the Kenton Business Association, to name a few) have contributed. Several local clinical offices (Bridgetown Dental, TenderCare, and EyeHealth Northwest) among others have offered their services. Over 300 volunteers, most from area churches, have turned out each year to help serve.



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Strategic Goal: AllOne recognizes that no one organization can meet all the needs of our community – nor should it! Instead we are committed to highlighting, connecting, and coordinating those who provide resources and those who need them.

Programs: In 2011 AllOne produced the first St Johns Service Directory, a listing of over 100 local service providers for everything from addiction recovery to food to housing to community support. In the spring of 2015 AllOne has lead the production of a second Resource Directory for St Johns, with plans to offer templates and surveys to Kenton, University Park, Portsmouth, Arbor Lodge, and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for use in other communities.

Partners: the St Johns Neighborhood Association has been on board for both editions of the directory. St Johns Main Street has been a critical partner for the second edition, and the Friends of Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association and St Johns Boosters are also key contributors.




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This web site highlights the collaborative work that is accomplished by more than 40 Christian churches throughout North Portland.

Community of Hope is a Christ centered association created to help homeless families in North Portland.

Compassion North Portland is a Free One-Day Health clinic that seeks to show love to their neighbors by providing basic health care services!

The St. Johns Resource Directory booklet is designed to connect you with the many outstanding organizations serving the people of St. Johns.