Who We Are

AllOne Community Services achieves its vision by:

  • Facilitating ministry leader and multi-congregational gatherings to promote fellowship, networking, and unity

  • Representing the church of North Portland in community civic settings

  • Igniting and supporting collaborative efforts

  • Operating programs to meet community needs, as requested by the Church of North Portland

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Our Core Values

Empowering In Community

Our goal is never to do for others what they can do for themselves, but instead to work with people and the community as they recognize the gifts and skills they can bring to address their own situations. We are part of the community, and we engage with it rather than standing apart from it.

Discerning in Purpose

Before starting any activity, we want to engage in a discernment process. We want to listen to leaders of the Church of North Portland, to the volunteers who want to engage, to those who are our partners, and to those who would be recipients of whatever we offer. We want our work to be filled with purpose and carried out on purpose.

Serving with Integrity

We commit ourselves to serving, not commanding or directing. And we commit ourselves to serving in such a way that people know we can be trusted: trusted to do what we say we will do, trusted to know our own limits and not commit beyond them, and trusted to engage in relationship in a way that affirms and values each participant.

Unifying Through Diversity

Our work is first and foremost with the churches in North Portland, and we intentionally cast the net broadly. We want to represent the full diversity of those churches: theologically, ethnically, and culturally. Our goal is to help those churches recognize their unity of faith – and then love out that unity through service.