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Excited for a second video shoot of leaders of the Church of North Portland, and soon it will be time to edit and release some new videos! Today’s reading on ecclesiology yielded this gem: “Unity as such is not the important thing. The unity in Christ is a qualified and thus a critical unity. It creates as its reverse a break with all movements, parties, or churches to whom we are not joined in Christ. Thus, there exists a vision which is legitimate and demanded. Yet in this phase of the work of the Spirit the separation of ‘wheat and tares’ is never final. Regularly it turns out that the Spirit is also at work in what we at first legitimately regarded as tares, and he invites us to humbly cross boundaries which we thought were permanent. There is nothing in this struggle for unity to which we can tie ourselves down. The Spirit does not do that either; and he continues to create out of the welter of confusion the new community of God’s future” (Berkhof)

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I love the Church of North Portland :) Pastor Carren Woods from Rivergate Community Church, along with her sister Sandy, are on a sabbatical journey … so she asked a number of North Portland pastors and leaders to preach while she’s gone. Today was David’s turn. He didn’t take a selfie while he was preaching, but here’s one from the meal afterward.

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Reading up on some ecclesiology and found this gem: “What we need to say to our unchurched brothers and sisters is, ‘You are right in all your criticism of the churches. We ask your forgiveness.'” A Sister of Charity in Alabama. How often do our North Portland churches focus on trying to explain ourselves instead of repenting of all the ways we fall short of God’s call for us? And what impact on the community would we see if we practiced humility and listening first and explanation later?

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