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Just got off a very long phone call with the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which is doing an article on the decline in church giving and rise in the “Nones.” Author was very interested in how the Church of North Portland is collaborating to serve the community and what impact we think it will have on both of those categories. Some very good questions, great conversation … and he is hoping to plan a visit next month to see us in action!

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For the last month, AllOne admin Mandy Owen and volunteer Sharon Robbins have been meeting with ED David Brewer to update *allllll* the Compassion North Portland team documentation and make sure we have a complete program for next year’s leaders. Today was our last session, and again, some really good things happened. So grateful for good teammates!

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Really enjoyed attending this morning’s Conditional Use Permit hearing for Community of Hope. We had the AllOne ED (David Brewer), COH Program Director (Linda Jo Devlaeminck), two Board members (Tina Macon and Jay Braband), a staff member (Chalene Macon) and a volunteer (Shawn Brockway) testify in support, in addition to the eight letters of support from various members of the community. The Hearing Office will issue his decision in the next couple weeks. If this is approved, we can start pulling permits and work toward renovating the building to double our capacity!

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